Symposium 2019

Please join us for the annual meeting & symposium of the Gertrude Stein European Network at Perdu in Amsterdam on Saturday 6th April 2019

This daylong programme brings together both academic and artistic research that explores Stein’s writings as both the result of and catalyst for creative, collaborative engagements. We’ll examine how both Stein and her readers have positioned her work within various media ecologies and, ultimately, test the possibilities of reading it as an “open text”. As Lyn Hejinian, poet, translator, essayist and our keynote speaker, writes in “The Rejection of Closure”: “The ‘open text’, by definition, is open to the world and particularly to the reader. It invited participation, rejects the authority of the writer over the reader and thus, by analogy, the authority implicit in other (social, economic, cultural) hierarchies.” The “open text” also rejects the definitive boundaries of different media and disciplines; thus we will insterpserse lectures and panel discussions with readings, collaborative translations, music and dance.


6 April 2019 / Perdu, Kloveniersburgwal 86, Amsterdam

Sponsored by: the Gertrude Stein European Network, Stichting Perdu and the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON)’s Modern and Contemporary Literature Research Group at Utrecht University.
Organised by: Mia You, Tim Elfring and Sophie Barklamb (Utrecht University), and Flora Woudstra and Lucie Fortuin (Perdu).

– Please note this is a preliminary schedule and may be subject to minor changes –

10:30   DEUR OPEN – Audio-Installation: Tabea NixdorffFor May read can.

11:00   Welcome

11:05   Short Lecture: Solveig Daugaard, The Use in a Center: Gertrude Stein in the Media Ecologies of Literature

11:30   Bilingual Reading of Play and Ladies’ Voices: Tania Ørum + Lene Asp   

12:00   Radio Free Stein: Adam Frank interviewed by Mia You             


14:00   Bilingual Reading of What Happened: Lyn Hejinian + Anneke Brassinga

14:20   Roundtable on Stein in Translation: Anneke Brassinga, Moosje Goosen, Tania Ørum; moderated by Martin Glaz Serup

15:00  Nederlands Dans Theater: Sol León interviewed by Mia You

16:00   Keynote Lecture: Lyn Hejinian

17:00   Music: Marjolein van der Meer & Lucas Kramer

17:30    BORREL

20:00 AFTER-PARTY: Reading & book launch of Lyn Hejinian’s Resistance (uh books, 2019), edited and introduced by Andrea di Serego Alighieri, @ San Seriffe. Free & open to the public. 

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Image result for gertrude stein
Gertrude Stein, Basket and Alice B. Toklas in LIFE Magazine. Photographed by Carl Mydans.