Bernstein on Tender Buttons

Charles Bernstein – renowned American poet, scholar and professor at the University of Pennsylvania – will deliver the plenary lecture at the inaugural symposium of the Gertrude Stein European Network, to take place on Saturday, 26 November 2016, at Reid Hall, Paris.

Last year, for the centennial anniversary of Stein’s Tender Buttons, the online journal Jacket2 asked 22 writers for “micro-reviews” of the modernist work. In his review, Bernstein writes: “Tender Buttons is the touchstone work of radical modernist poetry, the fullest realization of the turn to language and the most perfect realization of wordness, where word and object merge. No work from Europe or the Americas had gone so far in creating a work of textual autonomy, where the words do not represent something outside of the context in which they are performed and where the meanings are made in and through composition and arrangement.”

Read the full text from Bernstein about “The Revolution in Tender Buttons” on Jacket2, or find it in A History of Modernist Poetry (ed. Alex Davis and Lee M. Jenkins, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015).

Photo by Cecilia Grönberg, 2010

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